IIUM Rider Crew (logo)

fak do.jpgIIUM Rider Crew (IRC) is a self-made club organized by the community of International Islamic University Malaysia who all love riding motorcycle and such.


Official Logo for SEMANIS


Sekretariat Mahasiswa Negeri Sembilan was founded back in 2011 but they never had a logo ever since it was established back then. So the current president took an initiative to ask the people from this firm to design an official logo for the organization.

They clearly told us what is that they really wanted in the logo and wish how it would look like. After going through research and the design board, the final product was produced. The president is really satisfied with the logo and making it the first official logo for the organization.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

The people from Reka28 wish you guys would enjoy this eid with your love ones and please enjoy this eid responsibly.

Use this eid to get close with your relatives once again and please spend some more time socializing in real life rather than in social media.

Selamat Hari Raya!

sincerely, Reka28




This project was launched with only one purpose: to introduce the people of International Islamic University Malaysia to Reka28. With high quality gold printed on high quality Gildan’s premium cotton, this product is surely a must have item to the people of IIUM.

The concept of the design was inspired by old English calligraphy lettering that is commonly used back then making this product stands out from other merchandise offers in IIUM thus making this a big competitor to others.

IIUM Youth Festival

ADAM16 dark

The IIUM Youth Festival is one of a kind event conducted by the Student Representative Council of International Islamic University Malaysia. It was held in the university compound and was held on the 16, 17 and 24th April 2016. Our designer was selected to be the head designer of the event and he was responsible making the event to have an interesting and attractive look. Our head designer managed to pull this off successfully.His work can be considered as a milestone as the event was crowned as the biggest event ever held by the student of the university.

Jaja’s Cookies

jaja cookies

Jaja’s Cookies contacted us and asks us to design them a sticker so that they can stick it on the their cookies box. After short discussion of how they wanted the design looks like, the design process was conducted and the final product was delivered successfully.

KELIKI : sebuah kedai buku


Keliki is a bookstore and decided to held a contest for their customer. So they contacted us and asks us to design them an internet ad so they can put it up on their facebook page and elsewhere. They was satisfied with our design and the design was delivered and was uploaded to their facebook page.

The end product can be view here: https://www.facebook.com/arkedkeliki/photos/pb.120295631420073.-2207520000.1463634630./812535358862760/?type=3&theater